The Aqua Genie's remarkable
performance and reliability
are a result of the simplicity.  
There are no moving parts.

(A) Replaceable top plate
(B) Removable chlorine canister
(C) Replaceable weir
(D) Pressure chamber
(E) Over sized leaf basket

Spend Less Time Cleaning Your Pool And More Time Enjoying It.

Let's face it: You're buying a swimming pool so you can have fun, not so you can spend time cleaning it. That's why the remarkable Aqua Genie can mean so much to you and your family. Because of its unique design, the Aqua Genie reduces the time it takes to clean a pool by two-thirds. That means you'll have more time for the healthful hours of enjoyment pools are meant to provide.

Not Just A Skimmer - An Entire Pool-Maintenance System.

Because of its revolutionary design, the Aqua Genie removes surface debris up to ten times faster than conventional skimmers. At the same time, it continuously feeds a precise amount of chlorine into the pool, assuring clean, healthy water without over-chlorinating. In short, the Aqua Genie is an entire pool-maintenance system, dramatically reducing the time you'd normally spend chlorinating and vacuuming your pool.

The Secret Behind The Aqua Genie's Magic.

The Aqua Genie is ingeniously designed to create currents that force surface debris toward the skimmer mechanism. As water is returned to the pool from the filter, it is forced downward by the Aqua Genie's pressure chamber. This flat, sheet-like jet of clean, chlorinated water creates constant currents on the surface of the pool that literally drive leaves, insects, pollen, dirt and oils into the skimmer. Because the debris cannot fall to the bottom of the pool, it cannot contaminate the layers of water below the surface. As a result, all the water in the pool is kept cleaner. And as an added benefit, the pool water remains at a constant temperature, from the surface right down to the bottom.

You'll Vacuum Less Often.

The Aqua Genie is so efficient at removing debris that less vacuuming is required than with conventional systems. But when you need to vacuum, it's much simpler. Just attach the vacuum hose to the Aqua Genie vacuum plate and drop it over the leaf basket. You won't even get your hands wet. And because debris is trapped in the Aqua Genie leaf basket, there is no need for frequent shut-downs of the filter to clean the trap.

Cleaner Water With Greater Efficiency.

Because the Aqua Genie draws in the most highly contaminated water, fewer gallons pass through the filter to be cleaned. This allows the Aqua Genie to work much more efficiently than conventional systems. And that means lower-power pumps can be used, significantly reducing your electricity bills. © 2018 • 330-337-9937 • 180 E. Pidgeon Rd., Salem. OH
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